Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Creating The Repository - TortoiseSVN

Here the steps to create a Repository on an existing SVN Server :

Step 1 :  Creating the Repo

# svnadmin create testrepo

Step 2 : Giving ownership for the created Repo

# chown -R svn /svn/testrepo/

Step 3 : Deleting the default passwd file from Conf folder

# mv  -r passwd passwd.old 

(from newly create repo , inside conf directory)

Step 4 : Now Create a soft link to the passwd file which present in location at /svn/testrepo/conf  with a command -

# ln –s /svn/passwd /svn/testrepo/conf/passwd

Step 5 : Edit the svnserve.conf and change like this

# vi  /svn/testrepo/conf/svnserve.conf



# service xinetd restart

Step 6 : Now create the initial directories

# svn mkdir file:///svn/testrepo/{trunk,tags,branches} -m "initial directories"

Step 6 : Now just checkout and see

# svn co svn://testrepo.abc.com/testrepo/ /mnt/test

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